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Deer and dog race each other up and down a fence line - video

A dog and a deer race up and down a fence line both obviously enjoying the experience. Great to see interspecies sports. However a smart dog would open the gate just as the deer was about to run passed it. ...

Ancient Islamic prophecy accurately describes the Islamic State - according to Islamic scholars

On Wednesday, September 24th, 126 Islamic scholars published an open letter to the leader, fighters and followers of ISIS – the so-called Islamic State – in which they clinically dismantle the terror group’s aims and ideology. A portion of the letter...

Patrick from Ireland has trouble crossing a lake by walking on a pipe, really funny video

"Hold on to the pipe Patrick! Hold on to the fookin pipe!" I love the accents.

People try out Oculus Rift for the first time -funny vdeos

Apparently they are seeing the roller coaster video, which is so realistic they can't but help being scared. Its great. ... We strapped an Oculus Rift DK2 onto an askari (security guard) while filming an episode of GamersNights at UrbanTV... and fo...

The luckiest cyclist ever? Amazing accident video

He's not wearing a helmet, but watch this idyllic scene turn into near tragedy in an instant.

Edge of Tomorrow: Behind the Scenes - Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt video

Real sets, real explosions, and rockets, and real stunts, are they trying to put CGI animators out of a job? Great to see. Now all I have to do is watch the movie. ...

Is this a woman, or a parrot? - image

I started seeing this as a parrot, and now all I can see is the woman. Its a woman painted up to be a parrot. Amazing.

A lucky escape in the Ukraine - missile and a truck - image

These guys are lucky on a number of fronts, it just missed and it didn't go off. Interesting comment on what it was, and why its there, on the link

Australia according to Tumblr - images

More Australia according to Tumblr from

BBC Panorama: Putin's Gamble in the Ukraine - video

Vladimir Putin stands accused of launching an undeclared war against Ukraine. As fears of a wider war grow, John Sweeney challenges the Russian strongman on the killing in Ukraine. ... Great video to watch.

Tarantula Spider Dog Prank is amazing - funny video

As far as hidden camera pranks go, this video created by Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega goes above and beyond with dramatic sound effects and plenty of cheesy (but possibly scary at night?) props. ... The dog, known on Facebook as Chica the DogS...

Man rapels down to the edge of a volcano - amazing video

Like a giant pulsing open wound on the earth this huge volcano heart is amazing to see. Especially with a puny human as a size comparison. ...

The City Boys All Stars - Testimony - Rythmn and Blues video

Great music, great brass!

The City Boys All Stars "Look Out Here We Come" - Rythmn and Blues video

Awesome music!

Whats your ranking as a programmer? Check out this matrix

Programming is such an enormous field that its hard to determine where you are in relation to other programmers. You may be 'expert' in one area yet a total newbie in another, but still working well. Its a skill where you learn what you need. However...

Aurora as seen from the Space Station - image

Astronaut Reid Wiseman has already tweeted pictures of lightning, storms and incredible views of Earth from his perch aboard the International Space Station. However, his latest may have topped them all - showing the incredible sight of an aurora... ...

Gameshow host barely contains his laughter at a name - funny

Funnier than the name is the hard work the host is making at keeping a straight face. ... Yet another one!

Life in North Korea - using a computer without a keyboard- images

This image really sums up life in North Korea, a whole room where people have a mouse, but no keyboard. Which means everything can be easily controlled when you can only click on links. ... The rest of the series.

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on the ground - image

Interesting to see the size of the comet in relation to some unnamed city.

Contestant doesn't understand the rules of a gameshow - very funny video

So this guy phones in to a competition to guess whats in the box by asking 3 questions that will be given a Yes or No by the host. As in "Is it bigger than a toaster?", "Is it an animal?" etc. He just doesn't get the rules at all .... ...

How to talk Australians - Instructional videos from an Indian Language school - funny video series

Look here dickheads you need to watch this shit for brains instructional video on how to speak Australians. ... The Australian ...

Google knows where you have been - interesting Android tracking

If you have a Google account and have it connected to your android phone it records where you have been, even when you don't specify it. Its handy to see.

Humans need not apply- an insight into the future we face with the rise of computerized automation

Interesting and insightful video on the rise of the machines, and the coming obsolescence of humans.

Absolutely spectacular - film crew almost get wiped out in stunt crash - video

Not often a video of a crash makes you go wow, but just watch this one. The crew are lucky to be alive. I don't know where it was meant to go, but it sure wasn't where it ended up. ...

Life on Planet Key- a song about our esteemed Prime Minister - video

Awesome video on the life and times of John Key, just right for the upcoming election.

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