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Aurora as seen from the Space Station - image

Astronaut Reid Wiseman has already tweeted pictures of lightning, storms and incredible views of Earth from his perch aboard the International Space Station. However, his latest may have topped them all - showing the incredible sight of an aurora... ...

Gameshow host barely contains his laughter at a name - funny

Funnier than the name is the hard work the host is making at keeping a straight face. ... Yet another one!

Life in North Korea - using a computer without a keyboard- images

This image really sums up life in North Korea, a whole room where people have a mouse, but no keyboard. Which means everything can be easily controlled when you can only click on links. ... The rest of the series.

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on the ground - image

Interesting to see the size of the comet in relation to some unnamed city.

Contestant doesn't understand the rules of a gameshow - very funny video

So this guy phones in to a competition to guess whats in the box by asking 3 questions that will be given a Yes or No by the host. As in "Is it bigger than a toaster?", "Is it an animal?" etc. He just doesn't get the rules at all .... ...

How to talk Australians - Instructional videos from an Indian Language school - funny video series

Look here dickheads you need to watch this shit for brains instructional video on how to speak Australians. ... The Australian ...

Google knows where you have been - interesting Android tracking

If you have a Google account and have it connected to your android phone it records where you have been, even when you don't specify it. Its handy to see.

Humans need not apply- an insight into the future we face with the rise of computerized automation

Interesting and insightful video on the rise of the machines, and the coming obsolescence of humans.

Absolutely spectacular - film crew almost get wiped out in stunt crash - video

Not often a video of a crash makes you go wow, but just watch this one. The crew are lucky to be alive. I don't know where it was meant to go, but it sure wasn't where it ended up. ...

Life on Planet Key- a song about our esteemed Prime Minister - video

Awesome video on the life and times of John Key, just right for the upcoming election.

Shit Tradies never say - funny video

"I'm thinking about becoming a cyclist, I just wanna wax me legs".

Programming humor - When you forget to comment your code - image

Nothing like wanting to punch the lazy you that didn't comment their code 6 months earlier..... From:

Why the Ukrainian rebels are losing - disorganized, unprepared amateurs - worth watching video

This is a must see video taken by the Ukrainian rebels probably initially to show how great they were. ... Instead its a catalog of failures. They seem to embark on two attacks only to be beaten back both times. They don't know who's shooting at wh...

A 1935 wind tunnel - great old image

That looks like a model until you see the size of the people there. Surely the plane is facing the wrong direction? Original link to see it full screen.

If action movies were even remotely real - video

How movie action figures would cope in the real world ....

The two wheel drive all terrain floatable motorcycle - video

The Russian Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle is on a league of its own. The two-wheel drive system coupled with super chunky tires allows it to transverse across the toughest terrain imaginable, going where four-wheel drive vehicles can’t. ... At a ...

"Weird Al" Yankovic: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde) - video

Great video, watch it until the very end for the truth

Guy accidentally starts fireworks upside down, blows up deck - funny

It seems that they had just finished making or repairing it. I guess their hard work was wasted. Funny.

A Chinchilla, a cat and the dopiest dog - video

So the Chinchilla and cat are just hanging out, when in comes this dog with the dumbest expression, like a real life Odie from Garfield. All in all a satisfying video. ...

Republican Candidate Mistakes YMCA Kids For Migrants, Describes 'Fear In Their Faces' - video

There is nothing worse to coming into a situation with a stated aggressive agenda only to see it blow up in your face. Whatever the wider issues might be this is a must watch video to see how the political mind escapes when it finds itself caught in....

Egyptian news expresses how they feel about Hamas - video

Apparently mainstream Egyptian TV commentators railing against Hamas and the hypocrisy that they see in Gaza. Fascinating.

The tragedy of the Arabs - A civilization that used to lead the world is in ruins

Why Arab countries have so miserably failed to create democracy, happiness or (aside from the windfall of oil) wealth for their 350m people is one of the great questions of our time. What makes Arab society susceptible to vile regimes and fanatics......

Woman can't work out what side her car is filled on at petrol station - hilarious video

You can't help but laugh at this, along with the guys who are watching. A lady driver just can't get her petrol cap on the correct side to fill her car. The puzzlement and effort she goes through are really funny. ...

Only in America - Mindless rednecks deliberately pollute to protest Obama and upset environmentalists - videos

"Coal Rollers" are diesel trucks modified with chimneys and equipment that can force extra fuel into the engine causing dark black smoke to pour out of the chimney stacks. ... These modifications are not new, but "rolling coal" has begun to take on...

An alligator sunning itself gets a nasty surprise - great nature video

Just what is the animal that has it for lunch? Watch and be amazed.

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Meanwhile in New Zealand - a Kiwi changed his name - image

Really big pooh found in Scottish sewer (really!) - graphic image

Family ask council for a wheelchair ramp - they build slalom course that fills their garden - image

The Pyramids were originally beside a bustling port with sailors and soldiers - not a dry desert plateau

Life in Australia - even flying is dangerous - image

Games people played before Health and Safety, and suing - funny

Life maxims from 1851 are still good advice - image

Cat? What cat? - image

All humans can see ultraviolet, however the lens of the eye filters it out - people without a lens see the wavelength

A list of the believed root causes of insanity in an insane asylum in the late 1800's - image

98% complete dinosaur discovered with skin - image

A real bastard - image

NSA's response to Apple announcing a fingerprint scanner on Iphone5 - image

Gravity is confusing sometimes - image

Japans first Mag Lev train get a trial run - hits 500kmh - video

Don't eat Tomatoes because they are Christian Egyptian Salafi group warns - image

Meanwhile in Australia ... image

Spanish builders forgot to include an elevator in their skyscraper! - image

How did this accident occur? - image

Lets go to the Pool! - a swimming pool in China - video

Traffic jams at the top of the world - image

Programmers in relationships - funny

Apollo 10 astronauts had a little known incident in flight as evidenced by this transcript - image

China - Museum with 40,000 fakes forced to close

News reader gets pranked - Captain Sum Ting Wong - funny?

Supermarket Security - image .....

Its a Bat Jim, but not as we know it ... image and video

NZ Shocked to find that England has been spying on its allies - image

Android App #6 - New Zealand Phone Book

Android App #5 - Talking SMS messages