Computer keyboard repair and maintenance

Taking care of your keyboard

This simple guide is aimed at helping the more inept Australian to care for his or her computer.

Taking care of the keyboard

The keyboard is a robust device used for inputting data on to your computer. As you type in information small letters are sent via the cable to the inside of the machine where they are organized into the words that you see.

Keep your cable straight

It is important that the keyboard cable has no kinks or that no object is placed on the cable to restrict the flow of letters to the machine. Care also must be taken that letters with sharp points do not become snared in the cable.

X's and Z's are the most common letters to be snared, and the result will be words appearing on the screen with these letters missing. O's and D's move the easiest through the cable.

To best take care of your keyboard cable stretch it out and straighten the kinks frequently. Letters are snared most frequently where the cable enters the machine, so be sure to straighten that section of cable on a weekly basis.

Be aware that any spelling mistakes may be the result of letters stuck in the cable rather than dyslexic fingers.

Letters caught in the cable decay away quickly once the machine is turned off, so no lasting damage occurs in the buildup of snared letters.

Storing the letters

Owing to the wonders of new technology your keyboard may never need fresh letters.

The storage of a modern keyboard is such that there are enough letters supplied by the manufacturer for years of typing.

Older keyboards are not so well serviced however. Be careful when buying a second hand keyboard to check with the seller that there are sufficient letters left in it for use.

Test your keyboard before purchasing by checking the vowels, as they are the most used letters. If all are present then your keyboard may be OK.

Older keyboards have the ability to be re-inked. If you have a bottle of printers ink it may be able to be added to the keyboard via the ESC key. Gently pry the ESC key off the keyboard and pour the ink into the hole and replace the key.

Cleaning your keyboard.

Keyboards will need to be cleaned regularly to remove build up of dirt and grit. To clean your keyboard place it in the dishwasher on the normal setting.


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