Computer monitor repair and maintenance

Pixel leak in Monitors

Caring for your Monitor....

The screen is a sensitive piece of hardware and needs to be properly cared for. The screen is made up of tiny elements called 'pixels'.

These pixels are very delicate. Be careful when moving your screen that the monitor stays upright. If it is placed down in another position the pixels can fall out of place and build up on the bottom of the screen.

This can also happen whenever a sharp knock to the screen occurs. The pixels buildup along the task bar in small untidy piles and the screen looses its brightness with black holes appearing in serious cases.

Pixels are squirted into the screen via the Pixelatron at the rear of the monitor.


 When you pour your new pixels into the machine it automatically refills this device.


The pixelatron is very delicate and powerful, only licensed pixel technicians should attempt to modify or repair a pixelatron

How to refresh your monitor...

When you find that you are losing pixels purchase a bottle of replacement pixels from any computer store. Pour the new pixels into the monitor through the holes in the top of the monitor.

Traditional Pixel dispenserHandy pixel tabletsBulk pixel colors

Sometimes your monitor may develop a 'resource leak' where pixels of a certain type may begin to leak out of the display and stain the monitor body itself.


This is most common with red pixels as they are the smallest and most slippery of the colors. It is best to keep a bottle of red pixels on hand for refilling your machine on a monthly basis.

Images and your monitor

Viewing webpages on your computer can wear out your monitor faster than viewing normal text based pages.

This occurs because the pictures used are often 'pixel heavy' and weight more than normal pictures.

Sometimes you will find that the picture has been replaced by a white square with a red X in it this happens when the picture has fallen off the screen. The picture may fall off the page because of its weight, or because it's a new picture and not concreted into the code correctly. If too many pictures fall off a webpage at once your web browser may crash because of the combined weight of pixels. This happens frequently with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


Some readers feedback on this lesson:

Billy from New York

I just bought one of those fancy new pixel holders to store my pixels in. I totally recommend them. I get my refills at Pixels R Us. The only problem is that the bag of red ones only comes in a 50 lb bag. All the other colors you can get in 5 lb. Bastards!

Comments like Billy's are common among computer users, the cost of refilling the monitor for a person with an old screen or who uses the machine heavily can be prohibitive, novel methods have been developed by users to reduce the expense...

Ycon from Indiana..

I find the simple solution is to buy 10 bags each of the other colors and 1 bag of the red. That way you will have the same amount of each

Other users have resorted to more novel techniques...

Apricot from New Zealand

I have been mixing yellow and blue together by hand to make green pixels, The trouble is each pair have to be squashed together and the the colors stain your skin.

Ycon again in an unusual experiment has attempted to breed pixels...

In an effort to conserve money, I have resorted to breeding pixels, by mixing yellow and red together in a bag.

Whatever the success of people have in reducing the cost of pixel consumption the facts are still that it is important in maintaining the pixels in your monitor...