Microsoft Windaz 2007

New for 2007!

The Aussie version of Windows 2007 entitled Windaz Too Thowsand and Sivin has hit the shops


Microsoft wants to help YOU Australians.

Don't be forced to use confusing American software apps!


Stay away from Windows Vista and its confusing new system.

Stay with the tried and true blue oldie cobber.


We have just finished making a version of the best selling program for our antipodean cousins. Cop some of these choice new features with more grunt than a yabbie pump!


That's not all! Streuth mate we keep 'em coming, with more options than boobs at Bondi



Order your copy today

Includes FREE copy of the Lonely Planet

2007 Guide to Australia!



Secret release of Microsoft's latest Operating System Windows RG


Click HERE to view it.




Australia moves north in a fit of Pique at being ignored!


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Doing your OE, get a copy of the Bugger map, to identify those foreign lands


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