Free exe programs for games and internet development

Here are some programs that I enjoy that you might as well

All are free to download, and only a few use passwords to access

Files may be zipped so you need Winzip to open them.

A1 sitemap generator

To get good ranking in Google, you need to have a sitemap. This program makes a wide variety of sitemaps for Google (xml) and users (html), as well as other formats.

Slide show creator

Use this free program to create slideshows that run from a CD.

ConTEXT - simple script coder

A small easy to use script editor. Good for creating simple clean pages. Here

Topstyle Lite Free CSS editor

3.1 TopStyle Lite is a simple CSS editor,  if all you want is a basic CSS editor, TopStyle Lite will serve you very well.  Here

Resource hacker

Use this little program to change the appearance of most programs and remove the buy-me popups that appear from shareware.

Open an exe with it, find the dialog folder, change or delete the contents as you wish and save the program to see the difference. - Don't forget to make a backup of your program first! Fun and easy...

resource hacker

Undelete Plus - recover deleted files

A great little freeware program used to recover files that have been accidentally deleted

Screen capture program

Screen Thief. Great free screen capture program. Use it to take screen shots of your games, or programs . 

Free Games and Downloads

Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English
This great resource is well worth reading. Great comments
This is great - see the new websites and products that are released on the net
This site has new websites, apps and programs that are coming on the net. Great for ideas and to see what the future might hold.
Download IT books
This interesting site has some really good books that you can download.
Microsoft giving away a big selection of free ebooks
Well worth investigating ... ...
Android App #5 - Talking SMS messages
Last year I got annoyed with getting texts and having the default Ding, or whatever indication that there was a new text. If I was cycling, I never heard it, if I was driving I never knew if it was important, and at work I had to stop working and... ...
Android App #6 - New Zealand Phone Book
Amazingly there hasn\'t been an Android app that gives the New Zealand Whitepages phone numbers. So as an assessment for my students, I created one. Its been getting good reviews and seems to fill a need. ... Students have made better ones than this...
Most frequently highlighted phrases on Kindle books
Apparently Amazon can record which passages have been highlighted in their Kindle books, and have produced a list of the most highlighted passages. ... It seems that people like to highlight passages out of the Hunger Games and Catching fire, which ...
The ongoing and never complete Introduction to Visual Basic Dot Net - manual
As maintenance of this site has fallen behind over the last year I thought it was time to share some of the stuff I have been doing. Here is a manual I am working on at the moment with my students as an introduction to Visual Basic.Net, using Visual....
How to stop spellchecking parts of a Word 2010 document
I seem to be working with really large documents at the moment, upwards of 200 pages and over 40K of words. The problem I am finding is that part of the text is made up of code and the spellchecker borks at all the \'errors\' it finds and stops. ......
Download a large collection of Microsoft ebooks - great!
As this link comes from Microsoft\'s own community I suppose that they are legit, so have a look at these great free manuals and guides for Microsoft products. ...
Get Windows 8 Media Pack for free! - and maybe Windows 8 Professional for free as well!
Until January 31, 2013 you can get a free product key that will allow you to add the Windows 8 Media Center Pack to an existing Windows 8 Pro installation. ... A bonus is the report that it will make a an unactivated Win 8 active ie: you get Win 8 p...
Looking forward to Windows 8? I was, but my near new laptop won't take it. Thanks Dell.
Talk about unbelievable. My one year old Dell Inspiron 15 Intel N5010 won\'t work under Windows 8. Having spent an evening trying to install Windows 8 Enterprise, which I need for teaching Windows 8 programming, I found to my shock that this near new...
Whats new in Windows 8 Phone
A great overview of what developers can work on in Windows 8 Phone, well with a read.
Download the new Google Play App to delete uninstalled apps from the uninstalled list
Finally you can go through your apps list and delete those apps you tried once then deleted that are filling up your apps list. Great news! ... The new Google play app is downloaded from the link and when you run it installs on your phone replacing ...
Real time world wide flight tracker website
This is amazing, and an indication of just how information integration will affect our lives in the future. On this site, and there are others like it, you can see every airplane, commercial passenger at least I think, in the air at present and see a...
Android App #4 - Quick Movie Review
Sometimes I want to see quickly how good is a movie and am I just wasting my time with it when its coming on, or when renting a video (yeah from a shop). To that end I created Quick Movie Review, it is a small program that connects to RottenTomatoes....
Android App #3 - A GPS location finder now with GPS Messaging!!
Updates at the end. New Messaging system. New Weather and Search. I had fun making this app. Basically its a compass that points in the direction of a chosen latitude and longitude and gives a distance. You can save the place you are at to a database...
Google - Do a barrel Roll
Go to Google search, type in Do a barrel roll and watch the fun. You can also click on the link Thats some fine coding!!!