Free exe programs for games and internet development

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Here are some programs that I enjoy that you might as well

All  are free to download, and only a few use passwords to access

Files may be zipped so you need Winzip to open them.

A1 sitemap generator

To get good ranking in Google, you need to have a sitemap. This program makes a wide variety of sitemaps for Google (xml) and users (html), as well as other formats.

Slide show creator

Use this free program to create slideshows that run from a CD.

HtmlKit - HTML and website editor

HTML-Kit is a full-featured web design editor program designed to help HTML, XHTML and XML authors to create, edit, format, validate, preview and publish web pages, scripts and over dozen other file types. Its awesome   Here

ConTEXT - simple script coder

A small easy to use script editor. Good for creating simple clean pages. Here

Topstyle Lite Free CSS editor

3.1 TopStyle Lite is a simple CSS editor,  if all you want is a basic CSS editor, TopStyle Lite will serve you very well.  Here

Resource hacker

Use this little program to change the appearance of most programs and remove the buy-me popups that appear from shareware. Open an exe with it, find the dialog folder, change or delete the contents as you wish and save the program to see the difference. - Don't forget to make a backup of your program first! Fun and easy...  (good site) or here... ajohnson/resourcehacker/