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Ancient Chariots Found in Bulgaria

Bulgarian police have discovered three ancient chariots and two ornaments tossed in an abandoned vine-field

Peaceful primitive people were a myth

Our society tends to portray pre western primitive people as mostly peace loving It serves as a kind of comparison that we now are more warlike, and that in the past people were more "attuned to nature" but this interesting book shows that the opposite is true

Circle the wagons!

This saying came from an amazing battle where 32 soldiers and workers held off over 1000 Indians The victory was also aided by the new breach loading rifles they used

Plane hits Empire State building - really!

The Plane That Crashed Into the Empire State Building. On the foggy morning of Saturday, July 28, 1945, Lt Colonel William Smith was piloting a US Army B-25 bomber through New York City

The history of the Kings of Britain - pre Romans

Way back in the 11C Geoffrey of Monmouth compiled together the existing Welsh legends and manuscripts about the History of the land of Britian before the Romans, here is a translation of his fascinating book

Blackbeards ship found me hearties

The pirate Blackbeard's flagship may finally be yielding its identity after nearly 300 years on the ocean floor

The Templars discovered America!! DaVinchi code eat your heart out.

Researchers have found new evidence of a secret code concealed on the Kensington Runestone, one of the most controversial pieces of Minnesota history

Archaeologists Unearth Britain's Own Miniature Coliseum

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of Britain's own miniature Coliseum, it was revealed today The two-tier stone built structure, in Chester.

WW2 Doolittle Raiders Share Stories

There has been a recent movie that ended with this scene of the Doolittle raiders taking off to bomb Tokyo, on what they all knew was a suicide mission Well some survived, hero's indeed

Stalin's secret files on Hitler

The secret personal files of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin on the private life of his greatest enemy, the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have been unearthed in a Moscow archive

Archaeologist discovers ancient ships in Egypt

Kathryn Bard had the best Christmas ever this past December when she discovered the well-preserved timbers and riggings of pharaonic seafaring ships inside a cave.

Underground city in Iran?

Iranian Three-Story Underground City Served As Haven .

Guy finds ancient Roman villa on Google maps

While searching around his hometown in Google Earth, Luca Mori stumbled on what looked like the meanders of an ancient river On the satellite image, it looks like “prominent, oval, shaded form more than 500 metres long“ However, his eye caught what he described as “rectangular shadows“

Hiroshima, why they had to drop the bomb

60 years on from Hiroshima it seems very PC to criticize the dropping of the bomb, but released transcripts of the messages between the Japanese leaders shows that they would have "unleashed hell" had America tried to invade Japan

Graffiti from Pompeii some things never change

Some things never change, yet the style is more informative and poetic than just the random abuse now

Have they found King David's palace?

In what might be a profound discovery, an Israeli archaeologist has found the site of a great complex of buildings which may be the house of King David from the bible Not surprisingly she just followed the descriptions of its site from the bible, and there it was


Huge biblical underground complex found

Recent excavation of a cave site near Jerusalem has revealed once-full exterior water pools and a corridor

Lady Be Good WW2 bomber found

Fascinating true tale about finding a crashed WW2 bomber in North Africa Great article. In early November, 1958, a British oil exploration team was flying over North Africa's harsh Libyan Desert when they stumbled across something unexpected

Bodies of Knights Templar found.

Archaeologists have found remains of some Knights Templar, where they were killed fighting against the forces of Saladin. This is an exciting find, and I am surprised we do not hear about this in other news outlets

Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists said Wednesday they have discovered a massive 6th-century Indian pyramid beneath the site of a centuries-old re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ

Whatever happened to the monowheel?

This fascinating site shows pictures of monowheels through the centuries We don't seem to have the passion for them that they had in the past it seems

Ancient Sarcophagus Unearthed in Cyprus

A 2,500-year-old sarcophagus with vivid colour illustrations from Homer's epics has been discovered in western Cyprus, archaeologists said Monday .Construction workers found the limestone sarcophagus last week in a tomb near the village of Kouklia, in the coastal Paphos

Hey where did these manmade caves come from

The puzzling Huashan caves. Is it simply a coincidence or do certain laws of nature lie behind the phenomenon.

Columbus mystery nearly solved 500 years after death

Nearly 500 years after the death of Christopher Columbus, a team of genetic researchers are using DNA to solve two nagging mysteries: Where was the explorer really born? And where the devil are his bones?

Egypt announces discovery of Ramses II statues

Statues weighing up to five tonnes and thought to be of one of ancient Egypt's greatest pharaohs, Ramses II, have been found northeast of Cairo.

WW2 Russian tanks found that work perfectly

Now this is neat, they found 2 Russian tanks from 1943 in a Latvian bog, dug them out and within a couple of days drove them away with everything working

Russian Colonel prevented WW3 in 1983

Fascinating article, here we were quietly going about our business, and at any time a computing fault could have blown the whole world to oblivion Gives hope for humanity when the people with their hands on the missiles are careful like this

Stone age footprints in Australia

What's interesting is the size and fitness of the hunters We are often  old that prehistoric people were smaller than us, and that we are attaining optimum size because of diet and medicine


98 year old colour photos of Russia

View of the Nilova Monastery The Monastery of St Nil' on Stolobnyi Island in Lake Seliger in Tver' Province, northwest of Moscow, illustrates the fate of church institutions during the course of Russian history

12800 year old cave paintings verified

Britain's first cave art is more than 12,800 years old, scientific testing has shown Engravings of a deer and other creatures at Creswell Crags, in Derbyshire, have proved to be genuine Ice Age creations, and not modern fakes, as some had feared

Was stonehenge much bigger?

A team of archaeologists from Sheffield University have revealed significant new insights into the role of Stonehenge after discovering a prehistoric ceremonial road

Tragic end in ancient cave drama

Deep under a quiet valley in southern Greece, archaeologists are struggling to unravel a 1,400-year-old tragedy that wiped out a rural Byzantine community

Librarian finds hand written Beethoven manuscript

Now you don't see one of these every day, especially when it goes up for auction for a million pounds I wonder what Beethoven was doing in a religious school in Philadelphia

The real Robinson Crusoe found.

A glint of metal in the soil marked the end of a 13-year quest by a Japanese explorer to locate the base camp of Alexander Selkirk, the marooned 18th-century mariner, whose ordeal inspired the book Robinson Crusoe


Recent History Posts

How parents parented during the middle ages - basically they gave them away
Around the year 1500, an assistant to the Venetian ambassador to England was struck by the strange attitude to parenting that he had encountered on his travels. ... He wrote to his masters in Venice that the English kept their children at home "till ...
50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically
Purdue University scholar Lawrence Mykytiuk lists 50 figures from the Hebrew Bible that have been confirmed archaeologically. The 50-person chart i includes Israelite kings and Mesopotamian monarchs as well as lesser-known figures. ... Mykytiuk write...
The Pyramids were originally beside a bustling port with sailors and soldiers - not a dry desert plateau
The remains of a bustling port and barracks for sailors or military troops have been discovered near the Giza Pyramids. They were in use while the pyramids were being built about 4,500 years ago. Blowing to shreds tons of alien theories. ... The arch...
Newly translated ancient Assyrian tablet describes the flood story with new detail
This fascinating article talks about the recent translation of the Flood story. The author had discovered that the Simmonds cuneiform tablet (henceforth known as the Ark Tablet) was virtually an instruction manual for building an ark. A must read ......
The strange stone spheres of Costa Rica
Was God playing marbles? In the 1930s, workers from the United Fruit Company, were clearing land in the Diquis Valley and began unearthing large numbers of almost perfectly round stone spheres. The largest of these apparently man-made balls was over....
WW2 German flak towers - impenetrable sky towers
Like enormous fortressess or castles these huge structures dominated the major German cities during WW2. In many cvases they are still there, their bulk and size making the removal or adaption of them difficult. ... After the RAF\'s raid on Berlin in...
How the Dutch got their cycle paths - a lesson for the rest of the world - video
The Netherlands is well known for its excellent cycling infrastructure. How did the Dutch get this network of bicycle paths? Its amazing to see what Dutch roads looked like in the 70's and what the look like now. ... More here http://bicycledutch.wo...
A list of the believed root causes of insanity in an insane asylum in the late 1800's - image
Some of the strangest diagnoses for insanity that you could ever imagine. 100 years from now they will be laughing at our diagnoses as well. ... Imaginary Female Trouble Jealousy and Religion Masturbation and Syphilis Mental Excit...
98% complete dinosaur discovered with skin - image
The discovery of young, unnamed dinosaur fossils is rare, but on Wednesday researchers in southern German state of Bavaria announced they had uncovered an almost perfect specimen. The flesh-eating member of the theropod subgroup, which walked on its....
WW2 Russian Pilot found preserved in his crashed plane
The body of Russian Pilot Sergeant Lazarev was recently found preserved in a bog, still in his crashed Hurricane fighter. ... February, 21st, 1943 From the Soviet military air base in Chupa two P-40 fighters and five Hurricanes took flight in an ope...
In WW1 a German submarine was sunk by a flying Lorry - image
On 19 August 1917 Submarine U-28 left Emden for the war on shipping in the Arctic Sea. On 2nd September at 1155 a.m, the U-boat attacked the armed English steamer (SS) Olive Branch, 4649 t., carrying munitions from England for Arkhangelsk. ... Since...
There is always someone spoiling the fun - How not to treat new students in 1495
"Statute Forbidding Any One to Annoy or Unduly Injure the Freshmen. ... Each and every one attached to this university is forbidden to offend with insult, torment, harass, drench with water or urine, throw on or defile with dust or any filth, mock b...
Icecream sodas were a controlled substance banned on Sunday
Icecream, soda, and some coloring, who could imagine it evoked such strong debate? Icecream sodas were a controlled substance banned on Sunday. So vendors left the soda out and just served icecream and called them \"sundaes\" ... The ice cream soda w...
Greater than the Pyramids, greater than the Sphinx was once the Egyptian Labyrinth - video
According to the 5th-century BC Greek historian Herodotus, who stated that he himself had seen the building, the Egyptian Labyrinth was a vast structure on the shores of a large lake located seven days\' journey up the Nile from the Pyramids at Giza....
The first road traffic death - hit by a car travelling at the tremendous speed of 4mph
Traffic accidents really haven\'t changed, Young man, hotted up car, fast speed, talking to a pretty girl, runs over a hapless pedestrian. Arrest of the first hoon? ... 1896 First Road Traffic Death 17th August 1896 Crystal Palace, London, UK B...
Body of Saxon king found in Lincoln castle
A Saxon skeleton believed to be a king or bishop has been discovered in Lincoln Castle. The Saxon skeleton was in a stone sarcophagus believed to date from about AD900. Its sarcophagus has not yet been opened but an endoscopy revealed the remains... ...
WW2 footage of captured Zero fighter and other planes - video
Fascinating video of the allies with a captured Japanese Zero fighter. Also other wrecked fighters and allied planes. Unique video, I have never seen it before. http://www.youtube.com/v/doysYtwMgrY
Saudi Arabia Reopens the Forbidden Ancient City Of Madain Saleh - video
This would have to be on the itinerary of any history buff, its meant to be amazing. ... The construction of Madain Saleh – “the cities of Saleh” – was started 5,000 years ago not far from the city of Tabuk. Access to the area has been largely ...
Neanderthals died out long before humans - new theory
Decades of articles, theories and hot air about Neanderthals interbreeding with humans may be all wrong, as new research found out that they died out 10\'s of thousands of years before modern humans went to Europe. ... A new finding has cast doubt o...
Map of Ireland with the original county names translated into English meanings - image
The names of the Irish counties speak of its long and varied history. The Fort of the Foreigners, The Meadow of the Vikings. The names sound like something from Lord of the Rings.
Eighth grade exam from 1910 (13 to 15 years old) - image
This exam would have been given as the last exam for many people/ kids before leaving school in America. Sure the questions are hard, but they mostly test rote learning, that which the student has memorized. ... I still can\'t spell Rhinoceros it ju...
Archeologists find beautifully constructed 7000 year old well - image
Yet again \'primitive man\' is found not to be so primitive. Archeologists have found what they believe to be the oldest water wells in Europe in eastern Germany. At 7,000 years old, they make their creators some of the earliest known carpenters. ......
Archeologists discover perfectly preserved spears from 300,000 years ago in a coal mine - image
Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen, Germany, have discovered eight extremely well-preserved spears dating back 300,000 years, making them the oldest known weapons found anywhere in the world. ... The spears and other artifacts as well as ...
2600 year old Greek Warriors helmet found - image
A magnificent Greek bronze helmet, covered with gold leaf and decorated with snakes, lions and a peacock\'s tail (or palmette), has been discovered in the waters of Haifa Bay in Israel. But how this helmet ended up at the bottom of the bay is a... ...
There was never a word pronounced "Ye" as in "Ye olde Coffee Shoppe"
In English we have created a mythical word that we think was spoken in the past. That of Ye being pronounced as \"Ye\". In reality Ye was an abbreviation for the word we know as \"the\". Thats right, back then they also said \"the\" just as we do... ...
The real Battle of Baghdad 1258
In 1258 a calamity hit the center of Islamic culture, Baghdad, a disaster so comprehensive it still echos 800 years later. In an act of hubris combined with stupidity the Calif of Baghdad insulted some Asian visitors knocking on the doors. The... ...
Inflation, the military, and the fall of the Roman Empire
Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This excellent talk on the fall of the Roman Empire, covers some strikingly contemporary issues, such as the relationship between the military and inflation. Not only can history be interesting and......
When it was offensively pretentious to use a fork
Forks weren’t used in ancient eating. And when some started using them, they were considered somewhat pretentious. ... “Such was the luxury of her habits … she deigned not to touch her food with her fingers, but would command her eunuchs to ...
4000 year old cemetery found in China. Full of Europeans. Buried in upside down boats. Amidst a sea of 4 meter wooden...
In the middle of a terrifying desert north of Tibet, Chinese archaeologists have excavated an extraordinary cemetery. Its inhabitants died almost 4,000 years ago, yet their bodies have been well preserved by the dry air. ... The cemetery lies in what...
WW2 dogfight activity report - Mustang vrs FW190 -I was able to outrun, outdive and outmaneuver him at all altitudes - image
I\'ll never worry about meeting an FW190 in a 51 since I was able to outrun, outdive and generally outmaneuver him at all altitudes from 23000 feet to deck. In this encounter the pilot exceeded 600 mph in a dive towards an enemy FW190. A great read....
WW2 dogfight activity report - Mustang vrs FW190 - image
An incident report from a Mustang pilot of an encounter with a German FW190. A small slice of history. ... I was flying Blue 4. We were flying at 5,000 feet when I saw a lone FW 190 (long-nosed) at 1 o\'clock low, and at approximately 4,000 feet alti...
Nail from the time of Christ found hidden with Knights Templar swords
Beat that Da Vinchi code! The four-inch long nail is thought to be one of thousands used in crucifixions across the Roman empire. It was buried with three skeletons and three swords, including one with the religious order’s cross on its blade, on the...
70 years after it crashed a P40E Kittyhawk has been found in the Egyptian Desert - images
A Polish team out in the Western Desert in March came across a p40 aircraft which had apparently made a forced landing in which the undercarriage collapsed. The aircraft identity has yet to be confirmed but is believed to be from 260 Squadron RAF and...
Mural of Henry VIII discoved during renovations in 15C house - image
The priceless picture, which shows the monarch, Henry VIII, sitting on his throne wearing his crown and holding a sceptre, is thought to have been painted shortly after the house was built at the turn of the 15th century. ... At the time it was the ...
Jack the Signalman - The baboon that ran the railway station
When the Cape Government Railways opened the first railway line to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town during the later part of the 1800’s the town Uitenhage was established. The railway station became world renown when the local railway guard James Edwin....

The London Blitz - the mistake that cost Germany the war?

A fascinating article on the bad decisions the Germans made in focusing on the attack of London during WW2

Stonehenge was originally built as a cemetery

At least part of the mystery of Stonehenge may have now been solved:

Famous ancient theatres around the world

Here are some famous ancient Greek and Roman theatres that still remain I have visited a few and am amazed at the construction of such immense works

In 1951 the CIA dug a tunnel under Berlin to tap Soviet cables - amazing planning T

he tunnel was 1,476 feet in length and consumed 125 tons of steel liner plate and 1,000 cubic yards of grout This was not a small operation!

128 year old British Martini-Henry rifles found in Afghanistan

 British soldiers serving in Afghanistan have recovered weapons looted from the bodies of their Victorian forebears

The tomb of Herod the Great has been found in Israel

Claw marks from ancient giant bear found in cave

The bear that left a 3-foot-long claw mark in an Ice Age clay bank was the largest bear species ever to walk the earth, about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and capable of moving its 1,800 pounds up to 45 miles per hour in a snarling dash for prey

The absence of Black Americans in WW2 movies

With the release of a war movie about Iwo Jima, by Clint Eastwood come the revelation that the roles of Black American soldiers were removed from the historical record Seems heroes could only be white in the 1940's

Ancient pagan graveyard found under the Vatican

Sounds like a DaVinchi Code book. Fascinating. Just inside the Vatican's fortified walls, directly below the street connecting its private pharmacy and its members-only supermarket, lies a 2,000-year-old graveyard littered with bizarre, often disturbing displays of pagan worship

WW1 pictures in colour

Awesome I always thought WW1 was fought in black and white : I wonder how much history was lost during that war, old buildings destroyed, art destroyed, communities reduced to nothing etc It must have changed totally that part of Europe


Ancient Roman mosaic found under football field

When teachers at St Laurence's School in Bradford-on-Avon, southern England, noticed how the school's football field became scored with yellow lines of dried grass during the summer, little did they know that an extraordinary archaeological site lay just a foot below

Russian T34 tank pulled from lake, after 56 years. Still runs.

14 September 2000, a Komatsu D375A-2 pulled an abandoned tank from its archival tomb under the bottom of a lake near Johvi, Estonia The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of the lake for 56 years


Russian war photos from WW2

Photo's from Russia of World War 2 The "Great War" Or in the west, it could be called the "Forgotten war" Suffering and horror almost unknown by the Allies


Celtic mummies in China a long way from home

Fascinating article includes Nordic mummies as well . Solid as a warrior of the Caledonii tribe, the man's hair is reddish brown flecked with grey, framing high cheekbones, a long nose, full lips and a ginger beard


The strange stone spheres of Costa Rica

Was God playing marbles? In the 1930s, workers from the United Fruit Company, were clearing land in the Diquis Valley and began unearthing large numbers of almost perfectly round stone spheres The largest of these apparently man-made balls was over two meters in diameter and weighed over 16 tons

Is an Egyptian pharaohs daughter the mother of all Scots

An ancient story about the origin of the Scots is given credence by some new research . Actually there are alternative histories written by the Celts and other people of the time that show a strong Greek and Mediterranean influence on the original inhabitants of the British Isles

Pyramid found in Ukraine older than Egypt

Archaeologists in Ukraine have unearthed the remains of an ancient pyramidal structure that pre-dates those in Egypt by at least 300 years

2000 year old underground iron age chamber discovered

An underground chamber undisturbed since the Iron Age was revealed on North Uist when a 10ft hole opened beneath the wheel of a tractor Archaeologists assessed the find at Port nan Long at the north of the island, which has been sealed off from the public


Hot summer reveals Scotland's past

A heat wave has revealed fleeting traces of early settlements to historians taking a bird's eye view of Scotland The conditions this summer have proved ideal for aerial archaeologists who document the buried sites, which appear in ripening crops

Has Noah's Ark been found in Northern Iran?

An interesting article here on Noah's ark not being on the traditional Mt Ararat, but in the north of Iran, on a mountain range there The reasoning is pretty sound and backs up the biblical story well

Archaeologists find more than 1000 skeletons dressed in togas

Archaeologists exploring one of Rome's oldest catacombs have discovered more than 1,000 skeletons dressed in elegant togas

Dwarf Dinosaur Fossils Found in Germany

Fossils from northern Germany have revealed a dinosaur that evolved into a dwarf, ending up only about one-third the size of its closest known relatives

Giant Crater Found: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever

A crater as big as Ohio has been found in Antarctica . Scientists think it was carved by a space rock that caused the greatest mass extinction on Earth, 250 million years ago

Prehistoric ecosystem found in Israeli cave

Israeli scientists said on Wednesday they had discovered a prehistoric ecosystem dating back millions of years The discovery was made in a cave near the central Israeli city of Ramle during rock drilling at a quarry

Scientists Unveil World's Oldest Ice Block

A million-year-old ice sample drilled from 3 kilometres under the Antarctic and unveiled in Tokyo on Tuesday could yield vital clues on climate change,

Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs

Scientists are learning more about what appears to be one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs known, a two-legged beast whose bones were found several years ago in the fossil-rich Patagonia region of Argentina