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Bash the penguin

Bash the penguin game 

Kitten cannon

Viking Kittens

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  Military laser simulator

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How to wash a kitty

How to make an Easter Bunny


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Set your guns to kill the bugs - very good!

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spider web game

Time traveler

time travel game

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bloxorz - move the block

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Distraction - how long can you play?

Bow fighter - defend your castle with arrows

Small man tries to catch your cursor

BlockBuster a great game

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Beat the Maze game - can you do it?

Curveball Game - Pong with style

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Google Image has a massive fail
Obviously the labeling algorithm for Google Image still needs a lot of work, before the lawsuits start rolling in.
When programming students are introduced to OOP - funny image
I love this image :-) http://i.imgur.com/CIekav5.gif
I have excaped! You are all doomed! - video
Bird laughs like a super villain :-)
How to create garden anarchy - funny video
Take a leaf blower and a small garden Chimney (used I think for making pizza) and pollute the entire neighborhood! ... Then Mom came a long and spoiled the fun.
Is this the greatest Home Renovation ever? - funny video
Is this the toughest renovation to ever hit our screens?New Zealand couple Marwyn and Jess have purchased Australia, which is turning out to be a real fixer-upper! Can they pull it off? ...
Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook in an interview - funny video
Its amazing what they got up to at Apple, no USB ports and then charge $75 for a dongle! I am looking forward to hearing about the IWatch. ...
Engineers in the corporate world - reality meets perception - funny video
So take any IT consultant and they will identify with this great video of a meeting where the Expert has to draw 7 perpendicular red lines with different colored pens. I think he should have just used the transparent pen for them all. Problem... ...
Old man talks about what he could get as a kid - funny
Its just not like the good old days, an earlier simpler cheaper time
Donkey runs away with policeman - funny video
So I have been on holiday, it felt something like this .....
Amazing football saves during penalty shootout - video
That Scott Stirling is just amazing, who needs arms when you can protect your goal with just your face! Gets funnier as it progresses. ...
Dad joke backfires? family sitcker on a car - image
Funny or not? I think its great but others might see it as a passive aggressive attack from someone who needs therapy ....
Cat stuck up tree loses 3 of its lives while being rescued - video
Some of the most unorthodox methods of retrieving a cat from a tree that I have ever seen. Funny
Woman fails at fire extinguisher traning - video
What can I say, I bet she was embarrassed :-)
Man vrs security gate - funny video
This is great, someone drives through the security gate then realizes the girlfriend is left behind on the wrong side and goes back again. The car makes it through but the girlfriend is stuck so our hero decides to back through the gate to reach her....
Soldiers play the 'Spoon Prank' - funny video
Its an old trick but a good one when two soldiers have to see how hard they can hit each other on the head with a spoon held in their mouth. However one guy certainly has a harder time of it, the crack noise shows it must really hurt! ...
New Zealand interviewers troll a British psychic - funy video
The psychic, who admits he isn't really psychic is interviewed for a late night TV show. The interviewers wind him up, slapstick also ensues. ...
Patrick from Ireland has trouble crossing a lake by walking on a pipe, really funny video
"Hold on to the pipe Patrick! Hold on to the fookin pipe!" I love the accents.
People try out Oculus Rift for the first time -funny vdeos
Apparently they are seeing the roller coaster video, which is so realistic they can't but help being scared. Its great. ... We strapped an Oculus Rift DK2 onto an askari (security guard) while filming an episode of GamersNights at UrbanTV... and fo...
Australia according to Tumblr - images
More Australia according to Tumblr from http://imgur.com/a/nvwFB
Tarantula Spider Dog Prank is amazing - funny video
As far as hidden camera pranks go, this video created by Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega goes above and beyond with dramatic sound effects and plenty of cheesy (but possibly scary at night?) props. ... The dog, known on Facebook as Chica the DogS...
Gameshow host barely contains his laughter at a name - funny
Funnier than the name is the hard work the host is making at keeping a straight face. ... Yet another one!
Contestant doesn't understand the rules of a gameshow - very funny video
So this guy phones in to a competition to guess whats in the box by asking 3 questions that will be given a Yes or No by the host. As in "Is it bigger than a toaster?", "Is it an animal?" etc. He just doesn't get the rules at all .... ...
How to talk Australians - Instructional videos from an Indian Language school - funny video series
Look here dickheads you need to watch this shit for brains instructional video on how to speak Australians. ... The Australian ...
Life on Planet Key- a song about our esteemed Prime Minister - video
Awesome video on the life and times of John Key, just right for the upcoming election.
Shit Tradies never say - funny video
"I'm thinking about becoming a cyclist, I just wanna wax me legs".
Programming humor - When you forget to comment your code - image
Nothing like wanting to punch the lazy you that didn't comment their code 6 months earlier..... From: http://thecodinglove.com
If action movies were even remotely real - video
How movie action figures would cope in the real world ....
"Weird Al" Yankovic: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde) - video
Great video, watch it until the very end for the truth
Jack is a moron - drives on to Brands Hatch during a race - girlfriend freaks out - video
Hopefully Jack got done for this stupid escapade but the girl is hilarious.
Video of the day ... a moonwalking bird! 80's revival - video
I love QI for its episodes like this .......
The eternal battle of who gets the bed - cats and dogs fight it out - funny video
OMG its another cat video, however this one is well made, and the great battle over sleeping places has universal appeal. :-)
How to create a salad with possessed vegetables - a primer for those who dwell on the dark side - video
Is there anything worse than wondering what to do with your possessed pepper? The human teeth and hearts of darkness are always fiddly things to remove at dinner time. Leave the rib cage in the pepper to add to the overall crunch. Yummy! ...
A typical New Zealand Farmer from the 1970's Fred Dagg and his family - funny video
Nothing like old time documentaries about New Zealand, with Fred Dagg a famous farmer and his approximately 1/2 dozen children. From a time when milk came in bottles ..... worth watching ...
Squirrel tries to hide its nut in a dogs fur - dog looks bemused - funny video
This reminds me of the scene from Ice Age with the squirrel there .. Funny