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Music Videos

Lupe Fiasco Daydreamin music video

Manu Chao- king of the bongo bong - music video

My Cubical song - spoof of "You're Beautiful"

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin - 1966

Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

Devo - Whip it - music video

Devo - Satisfaction - music video

White and Nerdy song Weird Al Yankovitch takes off Ridin Dirty. Fantastic

Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' top song for the last 20 years

Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran song

Classic Neil Young - After the Gold rush video

Classic Neil Young - Old Man video

Lupe Fiasco and Jill Scott - Daydreamin video

Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

Louis Armstrong - A Rhapsody in Black and Blue

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin - 1966

The Cure - The forest One of their best

Funky cold Medina, great 80's rap

Beck and band playing Clap Hands on dinner setting.

Amazing video of the best ukulele player I have ever seen.

Somewhere over the Rainbow song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, beautiful

General Videos

Funny 911 calls - video

Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks George Takei on Stern

Gunfight in store - officer takes out one criminal - video

BMW carjack protection system

Australian on Britain's Got Talent 2008 with balloon act

Amazing Japanese wrestler video - Takuya Sugi  - video

So you want to buy a Katana sword? - Don't get this one - funny video

Plasma arc speakers

plasma arc speakers

Elephant paints self portrait with flower - video

elephant painting

Cat enjoys watching boxing on TV - tries to join in - video

Top Gear guys go gardening - with a shotgun - video

Man trapped in elevator for 41 hours captured on tape by security - video

Guy spins out on oil on the autobahn video

Man kicks opponent in martial arts fight breaks leg  - video

What every dog owner needs - an automated ball throwing machine - video

Six month old baby weighs 20KG - 44lb - video 

Strange lake creatures filmed in Chinese lake

The invisible rope across the road prank

Father Ted and Dougal

The really really safe folding ladder that wasn't - when salesmen crash,

Agni Parthene - Orthodox Greek hymn video

Monty Python - Bavarian restaurant - funny video

The mysterious haunted swings in Argentina

Famous Toyota Hilux adverts - videos

Crazy TV advert - 30 seconds Spray and walk away - videos

Videos of giant wave surfing. Awesome.

Crazy Japanese joke video

Guy puts jet engine into VW Beetle video

Video Clips from Monty Python's Holy Grail including the Black Knight and the French

Videos of flying humanoids in Mexico - witches?

Synchronized swimming goldfish. Why not?

Great rally car skid video

F14 aircraft explodes after breaking the sound barrier

Accidents in the Lefotova tunnel Moscow. Amazing video

A dog who really can skateboard, and loves it

Video of people's lucky escapes from accidents

Dramatic video of police car chase

Kid smashes Dad's new car within minutes of getting it home.

Drivers try to beat automatic bollards, fail miserably video

A military convoy carrying Nike rocket boosters for missiles catches fire in a South Korean tunnel

F18 drops a dummy bomb, which flies up and hits a Skyhawk chase plane

Bunny takes on snake, a surprising twist.

How are we going to test if this body armor works? I know, you just stand over there and hold it over your head and we'll get an Afghani officer to shoot it

Cat gets exercise wheel, cat not impressed.

Japanese actor celebrity gets taken for a joke ride with famous drifting driver in a taxi. Amazing

Autonomous Starfish robot learns to walk

 Jonny Fairplay  gets owned
Ruin your career and get owned on TV
- Jonny Fairplay

Mountain bike speed record
Mountain bike speed record - 210kmh - 130.7mph

Death visits the supermarket
When Death visits the supermarket
- practical joke

accupuncture ouch
Ouch! When you know its going to hurt no matter what you do

Dumb blondes
When dumb blonde is not just a stereotype

Sea Launch rocket exploding on the launch pad

Boxing kangaroo beats up owners during interview

Lightning strikes tree during storm video

The running sea Lilly

Amazing exploding storm drain

The Acorn Woodpecker - nature at its weirdest

National Geographic's best picture of the year - Camels at dusk

How to escape from handcuffs - for real

Cute duckling feeds the fish.

Phobics get cured of their phobias

Attack of the clones - Chinese military marching

The worst movie scenes ever video

Get out of the way! - emergency vehicles stuck in traffic

Norwegian recruits mess up clearing building - funny

Woman tries to park car

Magician Chris Angel pulls a woman in half

14yr old kid crashes Dads new Ford Mustang car

Classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Top Gear Bloopers and Outtakes

Trains hitting Trucks. Two amazing videos

David Letterman disrupts the Today Show

Monty Python What is the airspeed of the unladen swallow?

Cat has to earn his food, cat not very impressed by it.

Exploding dove hit by baseball

Secret Italian football world cup training video

Amazing video about Autistic basketball player

Video of guy driving through Paris up to 140mph

Truck trailer accident video