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Funniest commercial I have seen in a long time

Guy wants to sell bike - no pansies allowed

Fainting goats - fall over when startled - video

1100 paint guns create the Mona Lisa in under a second

Funniest commercial I have seen in a long time

20 Parts of Your Body You Don’t Need

Interesting Tricks of the Body

Driver tries to use drive in ATM machine but his trailer is too tall

Video of cellphones making popcorn pop - real or fake?

Amazing video of vehicle crash tests

vehicle crash tests


Crazy Japanese game show

Amazing football kicks video

News broadcaster misspeaks - very funny

Funny demotivational posters

giant flying sharks

Famous people as children

The best Chinese restaurant sign ever

Baby moose play in sprinkler

A horse called Arrrr

Driver tries to use drive in ATM machine but his trailer is too tall

Australia to invade New Zealand to get an extra holiday

Next time you fill your tank - beware

The best letter opener you have ever seen

Kid gets stuck in Claw game machine - chaos ensues

2008 cage fighting knockouts

Cat evolution

Easter is here - how not to tell ducklings from chicks

how to choose ducklings

Tennis player Andy Roddick slams a big serve  - online video

Star trek meets Monty Python and go to Camelot  - online video

When seeing a UFO use this Airforce identification chart

Funny TV news Bloopers

TV news bloopers

The fake old bridge

Man has some sort of panic attack on plane or being deported and not happy - video

man panic attack on plane

Railroad snow plow trains in heavy snow - video

train snowplow video

The Russian boat ferry

Girl gets boyfriends name tattooed in Chinese- it spells supermarket

Drambuie market research - video

Death from the sky - Apache attack video

Delta II rocket  - massive rocket explosion video

masive rocket explosion

Soviet N1 moon rocket explosion  - video

Driving in Siberia - mud glorious mud

The death of Johannesburg

Skateboard tube rolls away with skater inside

skateboarder in runaway tube

Book covered in human skin from 1606 about the gunpowder plot up for auction

Human skin book

When humans used to hibernated in winter

Indoor model plane precision flying - video

indoor model plane flying

Professional can throwing - online video

The greatest speed bump ever designed - video

greatest speed bump ever seen

Playing soccer with binoculars - crazy Japanese video

playing soccar with binoculars

So what are you scared of? - Bill Maher online video

Scientists Find Oldest Living Animal, Then Kill It

Orangutan in banana heaven

cute orangutan and bananas

Famous paintings came from photos Such as this famous Gauguin. Fascinating.

Russian sea monster found?

"Trees on mars" puzzle solved!

Celebrities can look so ordinary

Scary and amazing pictures

Massive hole in Guatemala

Giant Squid caught

Bull terrier vrs porcupine   

Amazing vehicle climbs a sand cliff

Strange shark caught

Color photos of England in the 1890's - Stunning

So you think your smart? Do the Idiot test

How to cheat at Minesweeper

How to fish with a flashlight in Brazil - a "must see" video

catch fish with flashlight

Very cute baby animal pictures

Cute baby animal pictures

Amazing psycho bean picture -a must see image

Amazing psycho bean picture

Funny demotivational posters

Funny demotivational posters

Pictures inside a toy factory in China

toy factory workers

Chocolate wrestling

chocolate wrestling

Special Effects studio WETA workshops made a warthog

Container stack collapse on ship

When Death visits the supermarket - practical joke

Death visits the supermarket

The great blue dive hole at Lighthouse Reef


Dog carrier for your motorbike

Becky from Dublin wants her school demolished

Australian airline pages Terry Wrist and Al Kyder for flight. Pranksters get hands slapped. (other fake airline announcements in article)

The Italians have stolen the All Black Haka to advertise Fiat and replaced the hard men of rugby with women! See the Italian Haka

Are McDonalds milkshakes made with dogs lips?

The great Japanese poodle scam

Boeing 737 abandoned in city street

Canadian MP wants Bigfoot declared endangered

Despite earning big money Chinese worker can't believe the crap that Americans will buy

Advertising video of Canadian rugby in New Zealand - funny, even if you are Canadian

Advertising video of France playing rugby in New Zealand -  funny, if your not French

Chinese restaurant menu translation

Land Rover Discovery goes through a VERY deep puddle

National Lampoon 72 virgins movie trailer

The The man with no face video

Semi truck takes wheelchair guy for a wild ride

Cat chases bear up tree

The LOLcats phenomenon

Failure to plan ahead...

Don't play ball in the clone room - Life in the future is just like now

Exercise your cats on a treadmill video

cats on treadmills

Windmill explodes during storm in Denmark- video 

Which has more balls: Army, Navy or the Coast Guard?

Hey there is a spider on the ceiling .. oh oh

spiders on ceiling

Bizarre plastic surgery

bizarre plastic surgery

Wife throws husbands Mac Air laptop out with the rubbish by mistake

Guy hung by ankles over boat to get photo of Great White Shark

The greatest Under Construction webpage sign you have ever seen

Oh no, its the Gummy Bear song and lyrics

 Gummy bear song

Drinking beer turns men into women

So you think you have it bad? Its only Tuesday!

Amazing plasma lightbulb runs as hot as the suns surface - video

Husband goes to sleep in cinema wife leaves him there

Who is this woman?

Who is this woman?

The greatest geek tombstone

Interesting car deadlock / gridlock picture - how to get out of THAT

car gridlock

Raccoon steals cats dinner, cat pissed off - video

How to fish with a flashlight in Brazil - a "must see" video

catch fish with flashlight

Cute animation on how cats wake you up

cat wakes you up

You and your work computer - having a bad day - video

Pictures of cats getting washed

washing cats

BBC gets unflattering picture of Bush on its home page - funny

bush confused

When cows attack -- funny video

Are you smarter than a British game contestant?

Moving to Texas? - read this

Cat Haiku

Kiwis on Holiday....

Idiots at large...

The Giant floating banana of Texas and song

Crazy South Korean Baseball video

Korean hopping baseball

Frictionless magnetic levitating toy train - online video

magentic levitating toy train

Amazing video Squirrel stops forest fire

Fate reunites couple after 60 years apart

reunited after 60 years

Keep your neighbourhood tidy, get a people scooper

Don't click that Red Button

Elite attack force for Iraq

Amazing tank accidents

No George, the OTHER right arm - sigh someone's leader messes up

Geaorge Bush

Car falls in earthquake crack

car falls in earthquake crack video

Elephant throwing balls beats humans - video

Its official - aliens set fire to fridges in Sicily

For Sale - Robosaurus car eating robot -video

robosaurus robot for sale

Why did 3000 chickens cross the road?

What if you didn't have a reflection in a mirror? - video prank

Can you eat a tablespoon of cinnamon? -videos

Million dollar yacht falls into water

Million dollar yacht accident

Gorilla drummer on Cadbury Chocolate advert - In the air tonight video

 gorilla drummer

Massive TV screen ceiling in mall

MAssive TV screen

How small is America? Someone drove across it in 32 hours. - video and story

Modernized famous pictures

What does 206 million dollars look like?

The cats house - within a humans house

When the neighbors above you have a leak

water leak in ceiling

One unhappy farmer ends up in the poo.

The worlds shortest international bridge on Zavikon Islands

Zavikon Islands border

Winch your car into the garage picture

Steep driveway

Jessica the hippo - a most unusual pet

The pothole that swallows cars video

Bumper car pulled over by police

Why pandas are becoming extinct

After the Death Star. Very Funny.

What's the relationship between human hair selling and your pizza?

Hey dude, where's our bridge - stolen bridge

bridge stolen in the night

New Zealanders - the most hated people in America - also get mistaken for Australians - Video

Another hoax is born - Ken Johnston and the alien cities on the moon

cities on the moon

Fire a bullet through colored chalk

fire a bullet through chalk

Flying creature in Hamburg  - strange flying creature caught on video

Fascinating Pictures archive - archive of the entries in the fascinating Pictures forum.

World History - heaps of articles

Sidoarjo, Indonesia - Dig a hole and up comes mud, mud, never-ending mud.

Strange food from around the world Fancy some Maggot cheese anyone?

Feeling fat? try our Body mass index

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