In order to boost the dwindling numbers of Taliban couples, the great Osama bin Laden has created a Taliban Singles Dating Club especially for the most devout Islamic terrorist.

Join NOW! while the hunting is good

I am winking at you my Taliban baby

Age A white haired wonder

Occupation Weapon bearer

Hobbies Moving house, often every night. Loves cave living

Is that a Kalashnikov in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Age Younger than I look

Occupation water carrier

Hobbies Running, I get lots of practice

Hidden but Hopeful,

Age (just check my teeth)

Occupation De-miner

Hobbies Gathering dung for the fire, beating the grain to make bread

Ready to go out with a bang

Age Indeterminate

Occupation Ammunition supplier

Hobbies Sunbathing, in my sexy black Chador

Cuddlier than the camel!

Age 35

Occupation Water deliverer

Hobbies None, no time

I declare a jihad on you baby!

Age 34

Occupation Warrior warmer

Hobbies I need to have a hobby as well?

Loving but Lost, I need a man, to guide me

Age Guess?

Occupation Digging water canals

Hobbies Face painting and makeup design

Make me one of your wives

Age 23

Occupation Olympic sprinter

Hobbies Shot-put with Holy Hand grenades

Holy warrior hugger

Age What does it matter

Occupation Clothes designer

Hobbies Crocheting Stinger missile covers

Are you a terrorist with a heart?

Age Old enough baby!

Occupation Fashion model

Hobbies Collecting antique ordinance


Special Offers - If you join NOW!

Instant family! TWO for the price of ONE.

Make both sisters your wives!

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Jihad ready partner!


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Special, The beauty who revealed all!


Chader-less pic of a British beauty.


More HOT PICS available to members

Be in the DRAW TO WIN  a Romantic hideaway in the mountains for 2


Just the place to take your blushing bride.


Why Join? .... A satisfied client speaks...


I was alone, and lonely until I found your site, now I am more than pleased with my new bride, her teeth show that she is quite young and she will be able to do much work before she gets old.


I will be back for a second or third!