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Military Equipment

Patriot missiles readied at Kadena air base on Japan's southern island of Okinawa

  Barrett M107 .50 Caliber sniper rifle

US to give Israel amazing x-band FBX-T radar system

fbx-t radar

Video of the new F-35 BF-01 Lightning II during Ground Testing

South Korea's new XK-2 MBT submersible tank

korean submersible tank

Military shotgun - AA-12 - World's deadliest

military shotgun

frag 12 shotgun shell

M38865 Recoilless Nuclear Rifle from 1962 - portable Armageddon

 M65 Recoiless Nuclear Rifle from 1962 - portable Armageddon

Dramatic Antarctic rocket assisted take off

JATO herc takeoff antarctica

A chemical weapons disposal suit

chemical weapons disposal suit

Military developing awesome rail gun

US lost track of 190,000 weapons given to Iraqi forces

Presidential military protection SUV video

SUV weapon system

Russian made armor piercing grenades in Iraq

Armor piercing grenades Iraq

How about this for a gun - M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher

Canadian Leopard Tanks in Afghanistan

Pictures of Nuclear subs being refitted

HMS Astute is the largest and deadliest hunter-killer submarine ever built

Top secret NOSS anti terrorism sea tracking satellites launched

Heavily armed robotic frisbees of death

Cornershot - Gun Shoots around Corners  (with Youtube videos)

US military pain weapon being developed.

Military invent giant walking spiders...

The Sheriff - LAV mounted Microwave systems sent to Iraq

Sniper rifle shoots GPS chips into people

New military Smart Truck

USA purchases Russian "UFOS"

Is the stryker a dud?

Apache choppers suck, but warthogs rule!

New Line-of-Sight Antitank gun on HumVee

New Spy sub - Jimmy-carter launched

Welcome to the phaser

Bomb jamming software developed

High energy bolts to be used against Iraq

Recent Military Posts

Suicide bombers car blown high into the air then explodes like a firework - amazing - video
This remarkable video is like a scene from an action movie. Firstly an armored car driven by a suicide bomber is blown high in their air by a huge explosion. Then the car explodes as the explosives inside of it ignite. ...
The future of Drone warfare - Drone with a machinegun - video
So this is definitely the future of drone warfare, attach a machine gun with 100 rounds to a drone and attack from the air. Amazing. ...
Spot the Sniper - great camouflage - image
He's there, try and find him.... Great camouflage from a sniper.
A lucky escape in the Ukraine - missile and a truck - image
These guys are lucky on a number of fronts, it just missed and it didn't go off. Interesting comment on what it was, and why its there, on the link
Why the Ukrainian rebels are losing - disorganized, unprepared amateurs - worth watching video
This is a must see video taken by the Ukrainian rebels probably initially to show how great they were. ... Instead its a catalog of failures. They seem to embark on two attacks only to be beaten back both times. They don't know who's shooting at wh...
Normandy after the invasion - image
Tactics win the battle but logistics win the war.
Test Pilot Bill Weaver tells about a Mach 3.18 in-flight breakup of an SR-71 Blackbird
Amazing to read .... ... Still trying to communicate with Jim, I blacked out, succumbing to extremely high g-forces. Then the SR-71. . literally. . disintegrated around us. From that point, I was just along for the ride. And my next recollecti...
The first video of the UK’s classified unmanned stealth superdrone released - looks awesome - video
The aircraft flew at the old British Nuclear test range at Woomera, Australia. ... The only thing we know is that the “superdrone” flew under the command of BAE Systems’ test pilot Bob Fraser and “made a perfect take off, rotation, ‘climb out’ and la...
Mirage pilot regrets killing Mig pilot in a dogfight respecting him as a worthy adversary - recounts the Dogfight
Narrative of a dogfight during the War of Attrition between Israel and Syria on May 12, 1970. Written by Israeli Mirage III pilot Asher Snir. From the Time-Life book "Air Combat". ... I am a little sad. Amos, who is about 1,000 meters ahead of me, wi...
A French perspective on working with Americans in Afghanistan
Although this is a little dated, now France has totally withdrawn from Afghanistan, this refreshing article written by a French soldier on his relationships with the American soldiers is well worth reading. ... We have shared our daily life with two...
Huge Russian Hovercraft visits bathing beach - video
The Military claims the landing was part of tactical exercises on government beach that should have been off-limits; no injuries were reported"The government claims it was nothing out of the ordinary: that it was merely participating in maneuvers on....
The Russian Onyx missile - hunts in wolf packs and picks it's own targets
The main attack system on the Yasen is the P-800 Onyx — the latest Russian supersonic cruise missile. The missile is the basis for two absolutely identical export versions: The Russian Yakhont and the Indian BrahMos have a similar appearance to the.....
Chinook heli hovering in the sea so SEALs can run their Zodiac boat right inside- video
Amazing skill. This video shows a Chinook helicopter hovering with its cargo area partially submerged so that a Seal team can drive their Zodiac right inside! ... Video is similar to this picture taken of another Chinook landing
Vietnam POW Commander Jerry Denton blinking Torture during propaganda video
Commander Denton was held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for almost eight years, four of which were spent in solitary confinement. In 1966 during a North Vietnamese television interview he was forced to give as a prisoner, he ingeniously used....
An American pilot flying an unarmed unescorted British Spitfire into Berlin during WW2 - video
In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.
Sir! I think the drop zone is over therrrrreeeeeeeeee! - video
An army paratrooper from 5th SFG accidentally deploys his reserve parachute inside the plane. The solider sustained no serious injuries, but landed 30 miles from the intended drop zone. In the video he\'s looking over the side to spot.....
Video lesson on Sonic Booms the last one is awesome - video
Sound travels at about 760 miles per hour, or 340 meters per second and about 661 knots on an average day at sea level. And sometimes, you can almost see it. Going close to that speed through air can cause some unusual visual effects. This compiled.....
Egyptian Airborne get thrown from the plane during Brightstar 2005 - funny video
Warning on the language that follows .... Egyptian military airborne pushed out of the plane during the inter country exercises. Someone who was there notes that : I was actually there for this. Not in those sticks, but yeah - I was there for...
SAM's over Bagdad - F16's evading SAM missile attacks in 1991 - video
Heart stopping video footage from the Head Up Display of an American F-16, as it uses evasive maneuvers to dodge Surface-to-air missiles over Baghdad in the 1991 Gulf War. ... Did they lose someone in that encounter? Hard to tell, but real hair rais...
The AC130 gunner lonely hearts club - image
I can just relate to someone who hates losing their high value targets when manning such a huge gun. It just ruins your day.
New toys for the military at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition -A rail gun - image
This is a railgun. General Atomics spent years working on this. It shoots projectiles at a flat trajectory up to 200 nautical miles at tremendous speed, guaranteeing a bad day for someone very far away. Displays nearby highlighted its defensive... ...
New toys for the military at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition -the Sharc - image
Silent stealthy and slow. Benjamin, the autonomous underwater robot pictured here, has a Guinness World Record for crossing the Pacific Ocean. Starting from San Francisco in November 2011, it arrived in Australia in November 2012, and it did that... ...
Focke-Wulf 190 comes back from the deep - images
In November 2006 a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-3 was recovered from under 180 feet of water near Bergen Norway. The German Pilot made an emergency landing in 1943, but his plane sunk to the bottom of the sea where it stayed for almost 60 years. ... More p...
New Russian flamethrower tank destroys everything within 200 meters of target - video
The Buratino (TOS-1) heavy flamethrower system has been used in military exercises for the first time, at a site in Russia\'s Eastern Military District. The military announced that the Buratino had successfully destroyed all targets. ... In late Marc...
Dutch boarding team ambushed by Somali pirates, firefight ensues - video
The marine/sailor boarding party was apparently ambushed, with the pirates opening up on the RHIBs at close range..the firefight resulted in two Somali pirates killed, 16 captured and 16 Iranian sailors being freed. No info about Dutch casualties,......
Soldiers get all girlish over an escaped Camel spider in their room - funny video
The world is a safe place unless the Camel Spiders decide to invade. Funny video of guys trying to find a loose spider in their room. I was hoping he was going to load that gun and use it :-) ... Warning for swearing, (after all with spiders like tha...
Marines sniping a small boat - video
Marines assigned to Scout Sniper Platoon, Battalion Landing Team (BLT) 3/2, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), and Sailors assigned to the USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), conduct a live-fire exercise while at sea, to practice defending the ship against... ...
First flight by an autonomous robot Military Blackhawk helicopter - video
I imagine robotic helicopters that can navigate autonomously would be useful in a war zone as they could be better protected against small arms fire than standard helicopters with the need for visibility and weight restrictions. Welcome to future war...
Russian missile fails to launch - video
Its get up and go, got up and went. Lucky it was a training round.
The top ten low fly bys - compilation videos
Compilation videos of ultra low flybys, #2 is surprising, and #1 is awesome. ... #1 - F-18 piloted by one of the Blue Angels makes a high speed low pass over San ...
M388 Recoiless Nuclear Rifle from 1962 - portable Armageddon
The M388 Recoiless Nuclear Rifle came with a .01 kiloton nuclear warhead and fired it up to 3 miles. ... Fortunately it never was used as the range of the nuclear fallout included the soldiers who fired it. We are lucky to have just missed an ag...
US Navy uses semi autonomous undersea drones to hunt for mines
Roughly 17 million barrels of oil pass through the Straight of Hormuz between Oman and Iran each day. When Iran threatened to close it down earlier this year, Pentagon officials determined that the estimated arsenal of 2,000 undersea mines could be.....
Untouched crashed Focke-Wolfe 190 WW2 fighter found in forest
Imagine being out in the forest and finding an intact and untouched WW2 Focke-Wolfe where it crashed 45 years earlier. ... This Focke-Wolfe came from Russia, where it had lain for decades, upright and relatively undamaged, in a remote forest east of...
Military drop 30,000 pounds of Sodium in a lake and enjoy the explosions - video
In the days before environmental regulations, the War Assets Administration disposed of its metallic sodium from WWII the old-fashioned way — by throwing it into Washington\'s Lake Lenore and watching it go boom. Just more proof that Health and... ...
Boeing tests new electronics killer missile - works better than expected
A new Boeing missile created to destroy electronics works better than the company ever thought it would, according to the company. The missile, Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), uses microwaves to fry electronics and....

Military articles, pictures and videos

British navy cutbacks mean self-defence missiles on two Royal Navy destroyers get left at home

RPG solider panics and throws away weapon - funny video

French military collapsing

Al Qaeda admits to losing in Iraq

US soldiers operating from military Harley Davidson motorcycles

£10 million unmanned Reaper spy plane crashed in Afghanistan

Reporter on mounted night patrol in Iraq videos firefight

British Army's Land Rover replacement - Jackal

AK-47 blows up on a security contractor at a range in Fallujah - Iraq

Chinook heli hovering in the sea so SEALs can run their Zodiac boat right inside- video

Camouflage at work in Afghanistan

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle gets hit by IED

Dramatic Antarctic rocket assisted take off

JATO herc takeoff antarctica

Military cargo drops that go wrong - video

military cargo drop video

Death from the sky - Apache attack video

Point-Of-View Carrier Landing - video

video of plane landing on carrier

Massive bomb demolishes building in Iraq - video

Do the Chinese control the worlds military through Chinese made chips?

When you bury your IED too deep - Iraq explosion video

IED explosion video

Exploding ordnance in Iraq

Old ordnance explosion

Robot anti aircraft gun goes berserk kills 9 and wounds 11

The secret war on the Iran border - SAS vrs gun smugglers

Death from the sky - Apache attack video

Israeli drone captures dramatic fighting video

Amazing military exoskeleton close to operational - video

Soldiers create bullet proof face shield for Humvee turret gunners

Gripping article on the ambush of Marines in Samarra

Boeing unveils Humvee mounted laser system success

F35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter helmet

Ongoing news about the Israeli strike on the Syrian Nuclear facilities

New Zealand is running out of soldiers, have only 1 Battalion worth.

Chinese sub gatecrashes American war games

Helmet mounted display

Bizarre military death - navigator falls out of plane 

Canadian Sniper in Afghanistan - video

canadian sniper video

The US Army defends against Taliban attack at Peach River in Afghanistan - video

Gripping article on the ambush of Marines in Samarra

In Egypt WW2 mines still kill

WW2 P32 fighter found after 65 years

WW2 fighter found

What are these? - bombs? - Sea mines?

Strange bombs

New Zealand down to one military Hercules

Ongoing news about the Israeli strike on the Syrian Nuclear facilities

The Turkish Kurdish conflict pictures

Massive weapons haul found in Iraq - pictures

 massive weapons find in Iraq

One marine and one ship survived to change the war in the pacific

Low flying B52 planes

B54 low flying

Australian Bushmaster vehicles get hit by IEDs - pictures

How not to test body armor

Canadian Leopard Tanks in Afghanistan

British forces using bayonets in Iraq

British Marine commandos get stuck in the mud

marines get stuck in the mud

RAF Afghanistan - Apaches in action video

Wounded Australian private security operator 'left for dead by Americans'

When you go to war first pack your spoon

IDF soldier falls asleep on military operation gets left behind

Canadian Troops Storm The Enemy in Early Morning battle

Predator kill of insurgent rocket team

F16 strafe an escaping truck after IED explosion

Captured terrorists confess their deeds on video

Lone South African sub outwits NATO forces in war game - sinks all the NATO ships.

Massive truck bomb explosion in Iraq - video

Massive Iraqi truck bomb

British Marine commandos get stuck in the mud

marines get stuck in the mud

Oops ... military Tank accidents...

 barell explodes on tank

Iraqi police worked with Iranians in US base invasion that killed 5

When you bury your IED too deep - Iraq explosion video

IED explosion video

 British SAS get a pay rise to stop attrition

Video of automatic Glock 17 pistol

Military want to control the weather

Military videos

Transparent aluminum armor

Amazing tank accidents

Mini unmanned Helicopter thinks for Itself

British marines Vrs the Taleban

Navy FTM-10 Ballistic Missile Defense Video from June 22 2006

Taliban funeral spy drone picture released

Are Americas carriers sitting ducks? - Russian missile is unstoppable. Navy adopt head in sand approach.

British army spends more feeding its dogs than soldiers.

British forces using bayonets in Iraq

Russian T34 tank pulled from lake, after 56 years. Still runs.

Ma look what we dug up! Two fully working WW2 Russian tanks found in bog

Russian tank found in bog

Map of military armaments around Russia

RAF Afghanistan - Apaches in action video

When you go to war first pack your spoon

Road in Afghanistan

How not to test body amour

Truck convoy gets hit in Iraq, soldiers flee leaving the drivers. One driver films the attack and sees two other drivers executed.

Combat video from the unreported war in Afghanistan

3 Para Terry Taliban video in Afghanistan (Youtube military video)

Jeremy Clarkson and why the RAF is crap

Are subs obsolete?

The Arms race has begun with Nth Korea, and its winning...

Israel's constant eye in the sky...

How America won the war

The rise of the machines in war

Does America have Anti Gravity?

US lost track of 190,000 weapons given to Iraqi forces