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Join text exchange to have text links instead of annoying banners

Affiliate programs give anyone with simple web authoring skills an instant Internet Business. You promote products or services on a webpage and the affiliate company meets the orders, paying you a commission.

With some affiliate programs you get paid just for sending people from your site to theirs (pay per click). With other programmes you get paid per sale, and with some you earn a percentage of the sales value. You should never have to pay to join an affiliate program, they are free.

You create and promote your webpage while your affiliates maintain the hardware and programming to deal with the customers, including customer support, credit card approval and billing. You get regular information about your results as well as graphics and text to use on your page. And best of all, you get regular checks in the mail.

Some affiliate programs have two tiers. These are the webmasters' dream opportunity, a referral program where you not only get commissions from selling products from your own site, you can also make a percentage of the commission earned by any webmaster you refer to the program.

Some affiliate programs require that you have a minimum number of visitors to your site before you can join; many of them exclude "adult" content sites from their programs; and almost all ban "spamming" (unsolicited email) as a promotion method. But there are now so many affiliate programs available that you are sure to find ones that suit you.

Choose which affiliate programs you want to join, which products you wish to sell, and let your affiliate companies put you on the fast track to e-commerce success.

Affiliate Program Tips

You will find that some affiliate programs work for you, and some do not. Don't be afraid to try a program, but if it doesn't work then, make changes, don't just carry on.

Select products and programs that are going to be interesting to the visitors who come to your site. You could promote books on the subject covered by your webpage. If your site is about antiques or collectibles, you could promote an auction site. If your site is about fitness and health, you could promote fitness publications and fitness products. Use your imagination. What kind of things do your visitors spend money on?

They say that if a visitor to your site doesn't click on something in the first three times they see it, then they are not going to. So change the graphics regularly, and promote different things.

Keep a check on the affiliate program results, especially at the start. They can make mistakes and you could lose money. Don't hesitate to tell your affiliate contact if you have reason to think their results are wrong.


Affiliate Program Top Choice

ValueClick is a pay per click affiliate program paying up to 17 cents for every click from your site on a graphic link to a ValueClick client. You can choose the categories of banners that are shown on your site, and exclude any you do not want. They have over 11000 sites hosting their banners, and dozens of paying advertisers waiting to advertise on your site. In addition they have a referral program where you can earn one cent for every click from a site that you refer to ValueClick. This program has worked very well for us. Click here to join now.

Commission Junction pays per click, lead, or sale with over 500 merchant advertisers for you to choose from. You choose the banners you want to display, or use text links (which are much more effective). You can also earn 5 cents for every visitor you send to Commission Junction itself. They have good on-line reports so you can keep track, and they pay regularly. Click Here to join Commission Junction

FirstName pays 20 cents for each click-through on their site offering free email accounts based on the visitor's own name. You can get paid for recommending other webmasters to join. Click here to apply for this program.

ClickXchange is a program where you get paid for each visitor who clicks on a link or graphic from your page (up to 20cents per click). You can also be paid a fee for every sale or lead from your site, plus you get a fee for each webmaster who joins the clickXchange program from your site. There is also a two-tier affiliate program where you earn 10% of the earnings of referred webmasters, for life! Click here to join this program.

Opportunity Plus is claimed to be the largest two-tier referral program on the Internet. Help to find webmasters for the Associates Program and One & Only Network will pay you an amount equal to 33.3% of their earnings from all Internet Personals AYCE Club subscriptions, and Alternative Connections Premier Pass subscriptions each and every month. Sign-up now, and become a part of the fastest growing segment of our economy - e-commerce. By joining the One & Only Network, you will add valuable content to your website that keeps visitors coming back time after time. The most exciting part is you will also be making 15% commissions.

Adgrafix are providers of virtual servers so that you can host your own websites and those of your clients. This is the cheapest way of all to host multiple sites, do check it out. And they also have an affiliates program that offers good rewards for promoting Adgrafix to others. Find out more about Adgrafix by clicking here. pay webmasters excellent commission for clicks and leads. They have a large number of advertisers so that webmasters can choose appropriate links and earn up to 40 cents per click, up to $50 per lead. They also have a two-tier program. Click here to join enables your visitors to shop thousands of stores right from your site while you earn a commission. has over 40,000 top online merchants. Give your visitors another reason to come back again and again to your website! This merchant offers an affiliate program which pays you $1 per active account and 5% their earnings for life, plus 5 cents per click. Join by clicking here. .

And here are some more companies with good affiliate programs: logoWebPosition analyser -TRY IT NOW! 
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